Celebrating Life

About Wellsprings

At Wellsprings we do things a little differently.

A stress free environment welcomes all that visit and we are all about living well and being well; that’s the way we like to live and serve.

Mindful of the fact that those who visit lead busy and stressful lives, we seek to offer courses and events that bring balance and harmony, and later see our visitors on their way looking bright and happy.

All in a happy day’s work to make things a little easier for you.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed; celebrating the ups and downs can become easier as you learn to live your hearts wisdom.

Whether it’s to celebrate one of life’s significant events or to learn how to celebrate your own place in the world, WendyJoy can help you to do just that.

WendyJoy has long been celebrating significant life events

  • as a Celebrant, helping people celebrate special moments
  • as a Reiki Master, promoting total mind body and spirit healing and rebalance
  • and as a Counsellor, working to help people find their own inner wisdom and peace
Photo Credit w. Smith 31/12/13

Photo Credit w. Smith 31/12/13

Highly acclaimed and with many years industry experience, winning awards as a celebrant and founding an association for the Reiki community of Australia, many have found WendyJoy to be a knowledgeable, caring soul whom to entrust their most personal moments – of celebration, healing or growth.

To find out how WendyJoy & the Wellsprings team can be of service to you, see the contact page.

WendyJoy is on a 12 month retreat throughout 2015, but is always available through the contacts page.


Photo Credit: W.Smith

Photo Credit: W.Smith


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